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Kiziltug Gear Industry Machinery, founded in 1990, our company from day to day, has made an honest and important work by targeting customer satisfaction .. He artillery Gündoğar - 1 our activities are in the business center .

We are committed to providing quality workmanship to produce the Turkish industry with our experienced staff. All kinds of spare parts, gear , we provide services with mold and machinery manufacturing sector .

To outsource all kinds of CNC turning, CNC milling, hobbing machine to outsource the infrastructure and internal gear you'll be proud and honored to serve our customers.


Spur Gears , Helical Gears , Rack Gear , Bevel Gear, Sun Gear , CE Gears, Sprockets , Timing Gear


Textile Machinery Parts, Machinery Parts, Automobile Spare Parts, Drilling Rigs and Gear Sleeve


Rollform Machinery and Spare Parts, Rollform Patterns


Metal and Plastic Mould Bite , Plaster Molds

To outsource all kinds of CNC Lathes, Universal Lathes, Turning, Milling, Threading, Manufacture Our Machines